Are You Unhappy With Your Smile?

Owing to state-of-the-art facilities, cosmetic dentistry in Hamilton is more popular than ever. From brightening, reshaping and resizing, to closing gaps between teeth, cosmetic dentistry has allowed us to improve the appearance of your teeth in more ways than one. You cannot deny that an aesthetically appealing smile makes you feel more confident, gives way for more social opportunities and improves overall quality of life.

At NorthCare Dental Centre, we enhance smiles with a range of cosmetic treatments, including teeth whitening, braces and veneers. Whether you want to change the shape, size, position or to simply have brighter teeth, we have the right solution.

Teeth Whitening - The teeth can discolour for various reasons, such as medication, diet and age. If you want to give your teeth their natural, brighter sparkle, a teeth whitening procedure is a great option for you.

Dental Veneers - Veneer placement offers a great way to fix damaged teeth without removing it. These strong laminates, usually made of porcelain and composite, are thin enough to bond onto the tooth’s surface without standing out. In addition to covering the tooth’s deformation and improving its appearance, it also protects the surface from further damage.

Dental Braces Dental braces can fix everything from an overbite, underbite to crooked teeth. With Invisalign and other removable orthodontic appliances, you now have an option to enhance the comfort and appearance of your treatment.

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In addition to cosmetic dentistry, our practice also offers treatments in family dentistry, root canal therapy and wisdom tooth extraction. Contact us today to set an appointment.