Do You Want Straighter Teeth? Hamilton Orthodontics is the One for You

When asked what they would change about their smile, many patients say they want straighter teeth. But when they hear the word ‘orthodontics’, they imagine metal braces that are not only obtrusive, but can also mean lengthy treatments and extreme levels of discomfort.

NorthCare Dental Centre offers high-quality orthodontic treatment that can change all of that. Our orthodontic service in Hamilton enables us to treat irregularities in the position of the teeth and address common problems such as overcrowding, underbite or ‘buck teeth.’

Orthodontics treatment is one of the healthiest and most conservative procedures to improve the appearance of your smile. Unlike other procedures, it does not require the destruction of the tooth surface, making it suitable for patients of all ages.

Meet Our Dentist

Our Dr Roger Tiang is among the first dentists in New Zealand to be a certified practitioner of one of the fastest growing and most popular orthodontic options today – Invisalign. Dr Tiang is also the first dentist in the country to achieve Invisalign Platinum Provider status.

With an extensive training in Cosmetic Dentistry and Orthodontics, Dr Roger offers a range of straightening treatments, such as Invisalign, metal braces and removable orthodontic appliances. Depending on your requirement, lifestyle and preference, Dr Roger will determine and recommend which treatment is most suitable for you.

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In addition to orthodontics, our practice offers cosmetic treatments, root canal therapy, implant therapy, wisdom tooth extraction and services in family dentistry. Contact us today for an appointment.